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Franchising also known as concession sales comes from the distribution policy and refers to a mixture of indirect sale and usually direct sale. In franchising , a franchisor provides a franchisee with the use of a business plan for a fee.

Franchise Finder:

Car, Mobility & Automotive Service
Vending Machines & Displays
Baked Goods, Coffee & Fresh
Construction, Building & Rehabilitation
Consulting, Training & Coaching
Office Services & Printing
Computers & Telecommunications
Direct Selling & Online Store
Retail & Trade
Fitness, Wellness & Beauty
Leisure, Event & Sport
Gastronomy &
Business Aid (B2B)
Health, Seniors & Nursing
Crafts & Repair
Household & Tool
Housing, Mediation & Finance
Internet & Portals
Children, Education & Family
Personal Care & Beauty
Fashion, Jewelry & Watches
Furniture, Rooms & Equipment
Tutoring, Teaching & Learning
Food & Beverages
Human Resources & Management
Cleaning & Services
Other Services
Animals, Plants & Environment Employment
Video, Photography & Electronics
Advertising, Marketing & Media

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